James Bubb

Junior Front End Developer


About me

James Bubb

Hi. I'm James and I like to make things.

I am passionate about web development.

I love learning how software has been put together and wondering How could I do that?

In my current role I work with apprentices, teaching them the the fundamentals of programming. I have also previously worked within a successful support team for a professional web hosting company which allowed me to develop a keen problem solving mindset.

Recently I have started a new project called Junior Developer Central in order to help people learn to code and build websites.


These are some examples of my web development work over the last few months.

Angular PhoneBook

Angular Phonebook

I wanted to understand a bit more about how Angular directives and filter worked.

By creating a quick phonebook app I realised I didn't need to use custom directives for what I was trying to achieve!

See the demo

Shopping Cart

Shopping Carts

I followed a design I found on dribble.com and challenged myself to recreate some of the functionality.

It was challenging trying to resize background images within the hover state.

See the demo

Modus Versus

Modus Versus

I found an interesting PSD file that I wanted to convert into a responsive site for some practice.

The exercises was useful as it was good to think about how the responsive element of the site might look.

See the demo

Online Bingo Fans

Online Bingo Fans

I created onlinebingofans.co.uk as a tool for Bingo players to find the best current offers and deals.

There is a Ruby script which checks various popular sites and updates a database which then populates the site.

Visit the site

You can see more examples of my work on my GitHub profile.


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